Thursday, April 8, 2010

PATH - a local organization helping the LA community

In my last post, I wrote about wanting to focus more on giving back. I cleaned out some of my inventory and unlisted items, and after a final sale, took them over to a wonderful organization in West Los Angeles. I decided to do this since really it is a win-win situation. I am able to clear out some of my inventory, and give back and hopefully someone will get a fun handknit item to enjoy or even give as a gift. All participants in the programs get first grab at donations. What isn't used, is then donated to Out of the Closet, and from what I as told, sold in their retail stored which benefit people living with HIV/AIDS.

Also, at the time, a lot of attention was on Haiti, and sending donations. This got me thinking, yes it is important to help out on a global level, and that there is also a lot that can be done locally, and sometimes those organizations get overlooked, as well as local needs in the community. Anyways, here is a link for more info about PATH - People Assisting The Homeless. They work with many agencies and visit the link for the glamour project and other events and ways to offer support. Thanks for visiting !

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