Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's a crazy life - or at least been a crazy week

(Picture was taken on the Coast Starlight Train - September 2009)

First of all - thank you and welcome to new followers & readers- I haven't checked on my blog since my last post - so it was a nice surprise to see a jump in support!

A couple of my friends, would say for weeks "It's a crazy life" while we were out eating our weekly thai lunch. This last week (and even two) great examples of how many things can go on at once, and yet its possible to stop, be present with all of it, and be able to laugh about it by the next day and get past it.

Without going into to much detail yet, some changes in my work life are happening. Many of them are things Ive been planning for, yet had been doing the wait and see with places I wanted to work with - since I was resisting changes since still have 3 quarters to go in school. It is some extra work right now, yet so much of the footwork has been done over the last few years, that actually great timing since postponed a huge and important exam due to my intuition and have some time off from school and a lighter schedule once finals are over.

In the midst, My etsy store is finally stocked to my goal of 100 items +! I have also updated my cosaverde page, have 2 new designs on the way, and a new part of my Recycled Knits line slowly being introduced. My pilates also has new pics from a recent semi-impromptu photo shoot on the reformer, and growing in content rapidly!

The funniest and craziest part is in the midst of all this, while eating a Thin Mint, and leaving for the optomotrist, my porcelin crown on my front tooth fell out - and gave me a legit reason to reschedule an appointment had wanted to reschedule or cancel all day. Luckily I have a friend from school who is a dentist and could FB her for temp advice so I only had to go to the gas station and drugstore somewhat toothless. Got to be grateful for how things work out. A few hours before, some had gotten clarifying, and a bit dissapointing news at one of my workplaces, just after rescheduling my afternoon client. ALso, amazingly worked out since needed to focus on myself, and probably would not have been able to be as present for my client. so in a crazy life, things work out !

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