Sunday, May 2, 2010

An active few months...... and next place to donate too....

My next donation of discontinued inventory and some "extra" items I hadnt got around to listing will be to . I had originally planned on making it this week, However, I am extending and adding to my Last Call sale due to some other changes going on! Here is a link to my etsy store if anyone is interested Sale items are all listed in the Last Call section at 50% off of original price or more.

Okay, back to the last few months. I have been working on some new items, and focusing more energy on my pilates and wellness business . Due to some changes at a place I had been teaching for over 4 years, I finally got the courage to leave and start teaching on my own and subleasing space in a beautiful studio. This seems to have started a theme of speaking up about what I want and moving towards it, amidst of lot of letting go of old ideas and spending what time I would typically spend on my store focused on personal growth, reflection and deepening my faith.

Oddly, the easiest situation to deal with has been someone taking my atm/debit card info. University Credit Union is an amazing financial institution to work with, as everything was pretty much taken care of within 48 hours of filing a report. That said I am not ready or really comfortable yet blogging about one of them, and the other soon to be big change is finding a new roommate. This entered my to do list a few days ago, and since I am in also in midterms, am finding it is so far easiest to do some actions and start with doing what I can (tell classmates to start getting word out since I'd prefer someone from school network) and going through my stuff to see what I can get rid of, what I need and how I can rearrange and clean up as my roommate moves on and I need to start showing my place. Plus, the creative side of me loves to redecorate and re-arrange so while a lot of work, some of it is enjoyable and will be a new change.

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