Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Redo

After spending more time working on my pilates weblog / website. I am starting to reconfigure this blog. I am pretty new to blogging and am finding it intersting to learn about, yet a lot of work to try to start to blogs at the same time. In knitting news, finished my prototype scarf for Recycled Knits line. It is my favorite colors and is actually based around a great Hello Kitty shirt that was getting to ratty to wear out ot to exercise in. A lovely cotton and soy scarf is in the works - a great mix of colors and is extremely soft.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More about Recycled Knits line

One quick note, this grouping of items will be 100% unique since the materials are based on handcut fabric strips from clothes, fabrics and even some traditional yarn thrown in. The first items is about halfway complete - although a few of the little balls of tshirt strips for this have migrated somewhere with my index cards. What I love about this idea is it is totally green, and is a way to reuse or repurpose textiles and also make fun and wearable pieces. Part of the inspiration was seeing scarfs made out of tshirt fabric - which look much better with my normal work attire - plus they are mostly machine washable. Several of the color combinations are picked out so really looking forward to listing all my completed items and getting through finals so I can start working on these more.

Working on new line - Recylced Knits

I have been getting more materials together for a new line I am working on. Hopefully I'll get more done over spring break since finals are approaching very quickly. I will be adding a few new items to etsy soon and have been joining teams and getting more involved with the community. Today I took some pics that turned out great in terms of the colors of my items, however, the way the natural light reflects through my wondows and curtians gives some glare in the background so working with those a bit. Instead of posting, I ended up visiting several etsy stores owned by UWIB members - which are amazing - joined twitter, and found out that I ended up in a treasury for the first time thanks to CCCOE.
Plus all of this was much more enjoyable and fun then studying formulas or re domain mapping a glitch with my pilates blog /website.

Next post will include links to all the wonderful unique women in business member sites and blogs since do need to spend some time studying this weekend.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Double meanings

I realized that as I am starting to promote my blog, the title might seem a little odd. I did list a post when the name changed, yet wanted to share a little more technically on this.

When I knit, I frequently grab some yarn, cast it on and then try out a few different stitch patterns, tear it out, and start again, either with different yarns or stitches. Within a row or two, it is usually clear if something works or not by what is on the needle. I also have noticed that the items that do not work well are a bit harder to knit and feel a bit of resistance while working with the items.

Since I took my blog title from a saying in acupuncture, it is like when treating a patient and the needle is in a place that the patient does not need it or, there body is not ready for the needle to go in further. In class it is said that the needle knows when to stop, avoid veins and arteries, and other things that it could just as easily be the body knowing as well as the practitioner having an awareness and knowledge about how to use the needle as a therapeutic tool.

I also thought it would be fun to integrate both ways I am around needles into the title since they are pretty different versions of a tool with the same common name.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Offical ETSY store opening

After starting to set up a store over the last few months, my Etsy store called Design Knit Fun is officially open for business and promotions. It is still a work in progress like everything else, however I have been reading up since it is actually a friendly yet competitive maketplace Meaning it is a super supportive and hellpful community with a huge amount of sellers selling similiar items. Artfire is a smaller site and a few items are also available through them. I might expand the Artfire store as well to include each item, however would also like to start making some sales first. Currently, my knitting projects have been a variety of neckwarmers and scarves with a few headbands and necklaces thrown in. I did make a great neck corset which will be pictured soon on this blog. Photos, seem to be improving as Im actually getting the best pics using my webcam and standing in front of my window . Strange but also solved the question of finding a model or someone to take pics - plus gives them an intersting artsy feel. I dont knoe what that says about macs being easy to use if the webcam is actually producing some bette pics then a digital camera with more features - or maybe its my own digital camera usage skills that need some practice. lol