Saturday, March 7, 2009

Working on new line - Recylced Knits

I have been getting more materials together for a new line I am working on. Hopefully I'll get more done over spring break since finals are approaching very quickly. I will be adding a few new items to etsy soon and have been joining teams and getting more involved with the community. Today I took some pics that turned out great in terms of the colors of my items, however, the way the natural light reflects through my wondows and curtians gives some glare in the background so working with those a bit. Instead of posting, I ended up visiting several etsy stores owned by UWIB members - which are amazing - joined twitter, and found out that I ended up in a treasury for the first time thanks to CCCOE.
Plus all of this was much more enjoyable and fun then studying formulas or re domain mapping a glitch with my pilates blog /website.

Next post will include links to all the wonderful unique women in business member sites and blogs since do need to spend some time studying this weekend.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your work with recycling. That sounds very interesting and creative. I have just started yarn harvesting from recycling knitted sweaters from second hand shops.