Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Offical ETSY store opening

After starting to set up a store over the last few months, my Etsy store called Design Knit Fun is officially open for business and promotions. It is still a work in progress like everything else, however I have been reading up since it is actually a friendly yet competitive maketplace Meaning it is a super supportive and hellpful community with a huge amount of sellers selling similiar items. Artfire is a smaller site and a few items are also available through them. I might expand the Artfire store as well to include each item, however would also like to start making some sales first. Currently, my knitting projects have been a variety of neckwarmers and scarves with a few headbands and necklaces thrown in. I did make a great neck corset which will be pictured soon on this blog. Photos, seem to be improving as Im actually getting the best pics using my webcam and standing in front of my window . Strange but also solved the question of finding a model or someone to take pics - plus gives them an intersting artsy feel. I dont knoe what that says about macs being easy to use if the webcam is actually producing some bette pics then a digital camera with more features - or maybe its my own digital camera usage skills that need some practice. lol

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