Monday, October 12, 2009

About to read a book - mixed feelings already

Ok, so this has nothing to do with knitting, or etsy. I work a few blocks away from the public library, and go in to check out what new dvd's they have and books on breaks. Today, while getting some movies to throw in while working on some knitting, I walked by a book related to Chinese Medicine in the sustainability section.

The book is "Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn" two substances used in ancient medicine for herbal properties. It addresses the black market trading of endangered animals / species which unfortunately exists - even though the substances are actually illegal both to prescribe and purchase.

Anyways, the cause for venting is on the back of teh book, several comments brought up the attention getting things like the traditional uses are not known to be effective, etc..... and some of the stuff that counteracts the steps forward alternative and traditional medicines are making in acceptance in medical community. I am curious enough about how they perceive and discuss the use of acupuncture and herbs that I will be starting to read tonight - since seems like the type of thing patients and potential patients could ask about. However, I was not exactly looking for a serious book to read since also have several knitting relates projects that I am working on, as well as going through my recipe collection.

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