Monday, October 19, 2009

special and unique handmade and upcycled jewlery

As a big fan of eco-friendly anything, as well as handmade items, I wanted to share a group of items from another Southern California etsy seller. Kim at Circles are Forever features unique and handpainted pins, buttons, earrings, ornaments, rings and pendants in her etsy store. . Panda pirate one of my faves, can be worn as a pin or pendant (Im actually making an upcycled felted bag he is going to be part of) and when I can decide which to give and which to keep, the rings are an early start on my Christmas gifts. They are shiny, adjustable and amazing in detail in the painting. Plus, it is keeping bottlecaps out of landfills and channeling creativity and unique design and expression. She has many great styles in her shop and even her packaging is repurposed. Check out the box everything arrived in.Custom made out of cereal boxes for a fun and colorful treat. That itself is a great gift box and specially sized for her products.

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