Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Amazing Bath Treat for Sore Muscles

When I first joined Unique Women in Business, I needed to make a purchase from another member. I was looking through the choices, and thought hmmm, what do I actually need right now, after looking at stores and websites offering everything I could imagine, cosmetics, jewelery, cards, prints and much much more. While I tend to be on the practical side, most of my extravagant and impulsive purchases tend to be designer shoes and on occasion handbags. However, bath products are also one of my favorite items, so much that I really have to watch it, since end up stocked for 6 months or more at a time on the basics.

Since I had been busy working, and spending my "free time" opening a store on etsy, and posing for pictures and video filming for my pilates website, I my muscles were a little more fatigues then usual. A regular user of epson salts and or fresh lavender (I can pick it outside my door), I decided to get some bath salts from Soap Rehabilitation to try out.

Swiss Alps Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts

Swiss Alps Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts

After browsing through all the options, I went with "Swiss Alps" an infusion of mints, and prefect for tired muscles. when the package arrived, and I had a chanc eto chec it out, I had spent an hour of my work break filming advanced exercises with a friend on a concrete surface, and was pretty sore from a mat class earlier in the week, and a concentrated photo shoot of ab work.

These salts blew me away instantly. The aromatherapy blend worked very similiary to my old and familiar stand-by friend Tiger Balm, and these Golden Flower patches from my school clinic. The plus is that these salts were also relaxing and soothing, for mind and body, and did not have the strong smell since they are more of a spa product then part of an orthopaedic prescription or treatment. However, I thought they worked just as well, if not better, since they also helped me wind down and sleep since was in a go, go , go type of mode with starting a project (that is still awaiting full editing and posting) after a few months of various changes and weather delays.

For a full range of products, check out Soap Rehabilitation at Sara also has adorable packaging with a little nurse in her logo. Her lip gloss and the samples she included of sample soaps are also amazing and it was a great welcome to Unique Women in Business. Check out our group page for a wonderful variety of shopping for all your needs and wants.

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