Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July

Exciting news! yesterday I finally got a locker assigned, meaning less clinic supplies to haul around in my trunk, and also less books to take back and forth. This of course means, my book bag will probably end up with even more knitting projects stashed in it. However, all of that is a digression. Most of this month, my camera has been at the repair shop, and I had finals, and several things going on to take care of. I am finally drafting some blog entries on recent purchases I have made that I have found incredibly useful in my business as well as fun.

I had no idea starting a blog, a business out of a hobby, and school could be so exhausting. However, now that I am getting caught up on things that had gotten behind, I am able to get back on track with blogging attempts, and throughout the past few months have been very grateful for my knitting since it has played a big part, as usual, in staying present with the moment, and in sense very grounding. Hopefully, I will be getting my camera back within a week since I also have many new items to share, as well as new posts coming up.

I wonder if blogspot has the feature in typepad, where you can write up posts at once and then set up a posting date?

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