Friday, July 17, 2009

Spring and Summer Cleaning

I have been sorting through my yarns and supplies to find new ways to use some of the smaller pieces. A simple idea, that I have seen, and while not unique, am finding a great way to reduce extra yarns fast, is making very simple knotted lariats. I initially tried to make a braided scarf, with long strands of yarns, as a holiday gift for my Aunt. My cat, found it extremely entertaining and had his first experiences getting tangled in yarn (considering how much I knit, and have had him for 12 years - was a surprise) - he usually ignores yarn and my kniting- which is great for me to keep hi away from projects.

Since I had to untangle, I ended up hanging this from my curtian rod - the braiding still tangled, so after stumbling across a similiar item, thought hmmm, I 'll just knot it and then I can finish the gift. However, I didnt think I would actually end up adding any of these to my store. A few weeks ago, that changed, as have a box of supplies that I was considering donating since I do not like knitting with them, or not enough , or do not match very many yarns. I was watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and making some wrist cuffs. I got inspred to make a few more of these simple, knotted lariats, and last week started listing on etsy and am finsing they are great for spring and summer. This one sold and is being shipped out today.

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