Thursday, March 5, 2009

Double meanings

I realized that as I am starting to promote my blog, the title might seem a little odd. I did list a post when the name changed, yet wanted to share a little more technically on this.

When I knit, I frequently grab some yarn, cast it on and then try out a few different stitch patterns, tear it out, and start again, either with different yarns or stitches. Within a row or two, it is usually clear if something works or not by what is on the needle. I also have noticed that the items that do not work well are a bit harder to knit and feel a bit of resistance while working with the items.

Since I took my blog title from a saying in acupuncture, it is like when treating a patient and the needle is in a place that the patient does not need it or, there body is not ready for the needle to go in further. In class it is said that the needle knows when to stop, avoid veins and arteries, and other things that it could just as easily be the body knowing as well as the practitioner having an awareness and knowledge about how to use the needle as a therapeutic tool.

I also thought it would be fun to integrate both ways I am around needles into the title since they are pretty different versions of a tool with the same common name.

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  1. I like your thoughts on linking acupuncture and knitting :-)
    Birgitte (a uwib'er)