Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer in Santa Monica - a little late this year

(A view North of the pier towards the beach clubs homes on the sand)

OK, so after a summer of fog, a cooler then usual temperatures and one week of heat, a heat wave has taken over Southern California. While I was starting on fall and winter knitting, it is so hot and without a/c (especially since rarely needed) seems a little weird to be getting ready for fall on etsy. so, as summer winds down, here are a couple pics from a bike ride a few weeks ago around the Santa Monica Pier. Class was out for an afternoon, and my patella had moved back into place from being dislocated so I celebrated with a bike ride.

Best of all, as passing under the pier, a sound check for the Twilight Dance series was under way (free concerts - featuring a variety of music and performers that happen weekly for about 2 months). Enjoy.

Biking back south - looking towards the pier

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inexpensive and Eco Girls Night Clothing Swap

With recycling, decluttering, and saving money all the rage, why not spend an evening with the girls, clean out your closet, and get new clothes and accessories to bring home?

I've been a fan of reselling my clothes since undergrad - especially when going through a vintage and thrift store phase at some point in 1993-1995. When I moved to LA, I mostly brought clothes, even after selling and donating at least a car full of items. While attending Pepperdine, I got introduced to sample sales, and some of the best boutique and high end sales for unique and designer pieces, and also how to sell on ebay.

Last month, friends from school hosted and organized a super fun clothing swap, which was also very much a Girl's Night since, the one male crasher left quickly, and there were plenty of laughs and drinks. Beyond having a blast, it also served a purpose - and was a great way to clean out the closet, and get new and wanted or needed items without being as wasteful, stay fashionable, recycle, and save money. Plus the items that didn't go home with someone, got donated to charity. Here is a picture of the bag I took and a few of the lovely new items I brought home. It was a great event, and could probably write many entries on all the benefits, and everyone who went had a great time and already talking about the next one....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

wow catching up

Ok, so I have photos taken for two posts, and a third one planned. However, due to a midterm last week, a final tomorrow, and my odd summer quarter schedule, I am really just grateful that my browser is working again - also was acting weird for a few days.
Anyways,my next blog post will be about a great and fun idea for a Girls Night that helps clean out your closet, tons of laughs, and some great finds to bring home.

I am also working on creating a tulle petticoat skirt to layer into a dress for next weekend. it is fun although my creative energy is getting redirected from knitting and splitting it with school. I have been meeting some amazing Etsy shop owners and trying out some wonderful products, and looking forward to next week and having a little more time to blog.