Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inexpensive and Eco Girls Night Clothing Swap

With recycling, decluttering, and saving money all the rage, why not spend an evening with the girls, clean out your closet, and get new clothes and accessories to bring home?

I've been a fan of reselling my clothes since undergrad - especially when going through a vintage and thrift store phase at some point in 1993-1995. When I moved to LA, I mostly brought clothes, even after selling and donating at least a car full of items. While attending Pepperdine, I got introduced to sample sales, and some of the best boutique and high end sales for unique and designer pieces, and also how to sell on ebay.

Last month, friends from school hosted and organized a super fun clothing swap, which was also very much a Girl's Night since, the one male crasher left quickly, and there were plenty of laughs and drinks. Beyond having a blast, it also served a purpose - and was a great way to clean out the closet, and get new and wanted or needed items without being as wasteful, stay fashionable, recycle, and save money. Plus the items that didn't go home with someone, got donated to charity. Here is a picture of the bag I took and a few of the lovely new items I brought home. It was a great event, and could probably write many entries on all the benefits, and everyone who went had a great time and already talking about the next one....

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