Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch up time on unfinished projects

One of my favorite reasons for carfting is the therpauetic effects. It gets you present and focused on creating something unique, expressive and in the moment. Today, I was reading an e-mail and was reminded of this, as I have not been spending as much time crafting over the last week after being home sick watching Weeds, drinking tea and taking a lot of Chinese Herbs. FYI Weeds is very funny and great for a day whe dont feel like leaving couch, reading email etc....

Tonight, went for finally checking out house, and checking out my stash of almost completed items. Finished three neck warmers, and have some items ready to list later this week. Also, am working on anew line of upcycled accessories which is pretty fun and enjoying the simple and laid back therapy of working on a new project and completing some of those ones that never quite get finished and end up in a nice neat pile somewhere.

Banana Silk scarf in Aqua Laguna - available soon at

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