Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping for Bloomers - Summer Wedding

So who doesn't love getting to browse around and have an excuse to pick out and and look for new pieces to wear and play with? A friend from school is getting married next month and on her wedding blog, posted many links to items sold on Etsy to help guests find ideas on how to participate in the theme.

The last time I went to a themed wedding, it was actually harder then I expected to find the right outfit for a Pink Wedding, in November, in the Northwest, with a reception at a microbrewary. When I got to Oregon. forgot the skirt I'd raced all over to purchase, and ended up buying an outfit a few hours before, and seeing someone else wore the same skirt I'd left in California. I had spent many hours looking for the right combination of "pink" and "warm" plus would fit in - and actually still wear the lovely and classic pink boucle plaid skirt I had bought for the event . (and got rid of the last minute "rush" purchase).

But I digress, this time, I am shopping for a bicycle friendly outfit to fit a Victorian / Modern Steampunk theme comfortable enough to be able to be on bluffs over the beach in August. Several of the pieces linked to from the offcial info blog were sold, extremely expensive, or for men so I've been browing etsy looking for perfect pieces that I could create my own look with and be able to use at other times.

I am , probably, due to my love for high heels, going to change shoes between the ceremony and reception, but that is because I found perfect heels to match the other pieces - the ceremony is actually on bikes, and in attending, will be taking my mountain bike and most fluffy things will catch on the surfboard rack. This fact alone, has put the some reigns on my ideas and love for costumey outfits, and gets into some of the bloomers I've been looking at on Etsy these days.

cream cotton bloomers

cream cotton bloomers
pretty bloomers in cream cotton.
they have an elasticated waistband, and are elasticated at the knee, and edged in pretty cream lace. (they are also shown in 2 lengths and 3 colors)

Classic White Bloomers

Classic White Bloomers
These bloomers are a classic...knee length lightweight cotton in white pique or ivory stripe. Perfect for riding the wheel or lounging around at a summer picnic. These bloomers have a wide elastic waistband, and are minimally gathered, so that the waistline is slim, unlike bloomers made with a drawstring. The waistband can be worn at the waist or hips.

FREE SHIPPING Bayou Bloomers simple rustic ruffle pantaloon in Oyster ...size Small...from down de bayou

These sweet simple and rustic bloomer/pantaloons are modeled after my own antique pair. I decided to forgo the drawstring and put elastic in the waist. Fashioned from 100% made in the U.S.A. cotton and sewn with care in the city that care forgot. You can wear them as lingerie or as shorts or as an underskirt. Perfect to wear with your bayousalvage art to wear!

Etsy is making it much easier to shop, and also fun and economical at the same time. Also, being crafty helps, since after fining the embellished slip dress "sold" in my favorites when I was ready to purchase, I saw a plain slip yesterday at a boutique I walked by and am probably going to embellish my own as a study break. Accessories are still up in the air - next post !


  1. How fun!! The firs one is my fav., but it has to do with the cool waist thing.


  2. Thanks - I am probably going to buy the first pair since they have closest chance of being small enough. however, just added a back up choice in case it takes longer to ship from uk.

  3. I adore bloomers! I tried on a pair of bright red ones at a western shop in sedona az, they weren't quite as sexy as these lovelies here, they were more like a costume but they were fun!

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