Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wristwarmers inspiring patience

I have been starting a restarting an adorable pair of wrist warmers and am seeing how much patience it takes to follow a pattern exact and use smaller needles. This has been interesting since the pattern has some gaps so it takes some thinking a reworking to decrease as needed and maintain a consistent rib pattern. Each time I restarted I would get further and further, and last night finally got through the section with a uniform rib. This is a pattern that was designed at Wildfiber - one of my favorite yarn stores - and good or bad around the corner from where I work (luckily I am usually not at work with extra time when they are open anymore) and a source of most of my yarn collection. The pattern was originally given out with purchase of a fine cashmere and takes 1 50 gram skein. I over ambitiously tried this as the first pattern I wanted to follow after getting the basics down, and ended up making a lovely scarf with a delicate vintage inspired lace pattern to it. (the scarf also had a lot of re starts and unfortunately got misplaced last year after a holiday card photo shoot).
The pattern fits a lovely Peruvian cotton I decided to make wrist warmers out of and is a much better fit then for the yarn then the easier pattern I have and planned on. Since I am prone to making things without patterns that must be strictly followed, this is definitely full of some lessons, as also really want to get better at wrist warmers and eventually develop the patience for fair aisle and other trickier sweater patterns (with sweaters - have mostly stayed in the safe stockinette) since realizing that can go back and restart something - and if it is worth learning and doing it is also worth starting over.

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