Friday, January 2, 2009

Current projects - an exercise in patience

My recent projects involving kniting and yarn are requiring some patience and also bringing up the meditative nature of working with yarn. In some cases, it forces you to turn your mind off and focus only on the project, in others, it can help focus on what you are listening to. In my present project, it seems to require some concentration mixed with a mindfullness I usually find in meditation when caught into the presence required.

So the project is what influenced my blog title: unraveling a bulky and complex sweater, which after dry cleaning does not fit. The stitch is a great open weave and it ws knit on size 36 needles, and in a very big chunky wool. Great sweater, however it does not fit me anymore the way it was, so I decided to give it a fresh start for the new year. I am actually doing this to recycle the yarn all unfinished items dangling of needles or "misknits" in the closet. What I am learning is that its slower to pull all the pieces apart and at times a bit frustrating, yet pretty amazing to see how much beautiful yarn I can put to use in a beter and more usefull way. The above paragraph reflects a period I was unraveling and focused on the sweater and somehow 2 hours flew by before I knew it that were truly being present as result of patience.

Ok, so this might sound a bit out there for some for a knitting blog, so I will also add my personal new years resolution is to be more present and look at things in a new and more open way. Before the yarn was in a sweater, hanging in the closet for 5-6 years, a piece needed cut out from stain, and it took about 8 balls of slightly expensive yarn to make (while housebound with a broken foot). I thought it had to stay that way and would be too hard to pull apart yet liked and wanted the yarn to change into something better. It is currently transforming and finding the unwinding and re rolling much more enjoyable then I thought and also a simple way to recycle and change something that isnt working into something that will.

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