Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Recycled Knits item for sale

Ok - so this is an interesting, unique and fun upcycled piece. I will be adding pics of the item that inspired this line soon (as also was wearing today). This is made out of a white cotton t-shirt and a pair of bright yellow cotton terry pants - knit together in an uneven basic stitch to form stripes. Great for casual beach wear and due to the cotton terry, also on the thicker side. This item was listed on etsy a few weeks ago and is part of this debit one of a kind edgy line.

Re-Design Blog

I'm still trying to get used to all this blogging and tweeting. More energy and time is going into my business blogsite and just realized Spring Break is almost over and have barely gotten into working on this blog or artfire.

Since I have been checking out more craft related blogs, seem to have found what works for me in terms of a way I want to structure and add so I will be taking down or editing old posts and focusing more on the stories behind what I do with yarns, materials , etc.... instead of trying to set up under ways that seem to be generating traffic.

Most of my items are one of a kind and handknit. I primarily knit while in class (especially pathophysiology slide shows) between clients or when waiting if they are late, and occasionally while waiting to pull needles out of someone if caught up on clinc work ( I also tend to work on my business blog then so kinda of a toss up).

I also tend to knit while watching tv or movies and even if follow sam epattern or use same yearn, tend to change one or the other. For gifts or personal use, I do read and use patterns, however, usually it if more free form and whatver comes out of the needles at a given moment.

Upcoming posts wioll include more pictures and stories grouped togther by a yarn. Ie what made with group and why, or inspiration behind why a name was picked for the item.